KBC Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.

A new positioning for growth and differentiation.

KBC Agro products Pvt. Ltd. is a sister concern of Mahbub Group of Industries (MGI) which involved in manufacturing Rice Bran oil, Soybean Oil, Ata, Moida, Salt, Sugar, Rice, Water etc. The company was incorporated on June 29, 2008 as a private limited company with paid up capital of Tk. 223.61 million against the authorized capital of Tk.310.00 million which is divided into 3.10 million ordinary shares and started its commercial operation on October 8. 2010. The paid up capital of the company has been increased gradually and as on June 30 2017, the paid up capital stood at Tk. 223.61 million.

Initially the company was started as an India-Bangladesh Joint Venture Company, Later the present entrepreneurs took over the entire operation from the initial investors and now the company is operating under new management since 2016 with the same brand namely “Health care”. The production capacity of the company is 75 MT of rice bran oil per day. During the period under surveillance a number of products like Salt, Rice, Pulse, Sugar, Soybean Oil, Mustard Oil, Ata, Moida etc. has been added with the existing product.

Mr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, a renowned business personality having long experience in diversified field of operation is a Managing Director of the company. The factory is located at Bathuli, Dhamrai, Dhaka. The head office KAPPL is situated at Hatimara Road, Kashimpur, Gazipur

Structural Facilities of KBC Agro Products Ltd.

The factory of KAPPL is situated in Bathuli, Dhamrai on 825 decimal of lands. The company has three stored building with administrative office, quality control laboratory, and conference room and as well as the guest house occupying totals 10,500 sft. In addition to the above, the factory has also been facilitated with double storied security building, 3 stored main plant, 3 storied store building, double storied labor quarter building etc. KAPPL is currently equipped with a set of crude rice bran oil machine and crude oil refinery machine, which has been imported from India with 75 MT capacities per day.

The company also has a husk burn boiler with 10 ton capacity, three crude rice bran oil tanks (500 ton each capacity) and three Hexane tanks (40,000 litters each capacity) the company has a warehouse of around 1,20,000 sft. in the factory premises. An ETP plant has been facilitated into the factory premise having 2,000 liter capacity per day. In addition to the above the company has 40 trucks and 6 oil tankers for convenient transport of raw material and finished goods. In order to protect the factory from fire, it has adequate arrangement for firefighting equipment in every section. Electricity requirement is supported by REB and also by three diesel run generators (1000 KVA, 850 KVA & 60 KVA)

At a Glance Business Operation & Branding

Up till the establishment of the refinery unit, KAPPL was an export oriented crude rice bran oil manufacturer. Beside the crude rice bran oil, the company also produces de oiled rice bran (DORB) as by product. Major raw materials for KAPPL are rice bran and Hexane. KAPPL purchases rice bran from local sources like Tangail, Naogaon, Rangpur, Dinajpur etc. and hexane from foreign sources like Malaysia and Singapore. Initially KAPPL used to export all of its crude oil to India. After the establishment of the refinery unit and due to the price fall in the importing country, the company started to sale its entire products in the local market (16 liter, 5liter and 1 liter bottle) in “Health Care” bran.

The company also sells DORB in the local market which is used in poultry feed industry as feed ingredient. Rice bran is the main materials for production of crude rice bran oil. Pellet machine make pellet by using rice bran. The pellets are then sent to the oil processing plant through the conveyer belt. In processing plant hexane is sprayed over pellet to separate the oil. After getting the oil, it is heated to separate hexane.

After this the crude oil is stored into crude oil tank for further processing the company sees 85% of its total production to four clients namely Marico Bangladesh, Ifad, T K Group and Safola Active while the rest 15% has been marketed by the company itself Beside Rice bran oil the company has been trading of consumer goods like rice, Mastered oil, sugar, Pulse, Salt, Ata, Moyda & Soybean Oil etc. the company mainly collects all its trading item from the local sources and marketed in its own brand name “Health Care”

Scope of Work