Fresh Chicks Ltd.

A new positioning for growth and differentiation.

Poultry is considered one of the fast growing and the most promising industry with bright future for the country. Poultry sector plays an important role in reducing the unemployment problem of the country.Now a days, commercial broiler production has become a specialized and speedy poultry operation in Bangladesh. Because of the availability of cheap labor and growing domestic market, the poultry and livestock in considered as a potential development sector in Bangladesh.

Products and Marketing Posiiton of Fresh Chicks Ltd

FCL has neither separate marketing department nor distribution department, however marketing related functions are being carried out through Marketing and distribution department of Biswas Poultry & Fish Feeds Limited, Marketing department devises the strategy of marketing and takes decision on promotional activities. FCL has already established “Biswas” brand to different poultry farmers. FCL inspires dealers/shopkeepers in the form of cash incentives. The present market price of day old broiler chicks is Tk. 37, culled birds Tk.340 and table eggs Tk.6 . FCL has moderate marketing channel through 300 no. dealers around the country to distribute the products.

At a Glance Production Capacity

The Hatchery of FCL has been established to produce Day Old Chicks (DOCs). FCL’s DOC production capacity is now 7.00 million pieces per annum. The company is passing through sharp competition with other DOC producers in Bangladesh are Aftab hatchery, Kazi Farms Ltd. C.P Bangladesh Ltd. ACI Godrej, Paragon etc. This company is also maintaining sharp competition with giant foreign manufacturers like Indian “Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group”.

Scope of Work