Biswas Agro Fisheries and Hatchery

Quick Glance of BAFH

Biswas Agro fisheries and Hatchery (BAFH) is a sole proprietorship business concern, which has been involved in fish hatching, nursing and fish farming. The business has been successfully operating its activities since 2000. BAFH has 70 bigha (approx.) land for Hatchery . BAFH has also 40 different sizes of ponds (approx.) with covering area of 1500 to 2500 sft land. BAFH has also 05 swamps (known as bill in Bangla) the swamps have been leased for 5 to 10 years. BAFH provides fish feed to ensures maximum production and also helps to keep the fish healthy.

Generally BAFH is required around 30 MT fish feed per year. Oxygen shortage is one of major problem for fish farming business. The enterprise uses some agriculture machineries to solve this problem. The enterprise has arranged different protection system in the ponds for protecting the fish.

BAFH procures different types of Renu Pona (Fish ranch), Monosex tilapia, pangahs, Rui, Katla, Mrigel, Koi, Shoil, etc.BAFH import the parent fish from Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, BAFH is nursing the fish ranch and some portions of fish ranch are selected for fish farming. BAFH sells the fish ranch and matured fish to different wholesale fish market in different places of the country.


Scope of Work