Biswas Ceramics & Auto Bricks Ltd.

Quick Glance of Biswas Ceramics & Auto Bricks Ltd. (BCABL)

Bricks Production is an important area where substantial emission reductions can be made for black carbon and other short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPS). Recent studies show that implementing more efficient technologies, mainly during the firing of bricks, can result in reductions in pollutant emission of 20% to 90%, depending on the process, scale and fuel used. Bricks production is an ancient activity that took place in most parts of the world.

Although brick production in the developed world has decreased over the past decades, it has also gone through modernization. Since modern technology of brick manufacturing has been invented (which is mechanical and high temperature effective technology), country like us should immediately start using modern brick manufacturing technique to reduce climate, environmental problem and besides to strengthen the social and economical condition.


Scope of Work